Lewis Richmond, “The purpose of Buddhist meditation is to be real,” Huffington Post, 09/26/2011, (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/lewis-richmond/meditation-and-discovering-reality_b_969021.html?ref=buddhism).

This article, written by a Buddhist writer and teacher, is about the true meaning of  Buddhist meditation and how meditation in the West (which is gaining popularity) is done in order to calm ourselves; instead of finding truth and what is real, like Buddhist meditation does.   Americans do not apply this dimension to their meditation rituals. We simply use meditation to get away from the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives and to calm our minds.  The author writes that there’s nothing wrong with using meditation to calm ourselves, but once we have done this we should go deeper to understand ourselves and the reality we live in.

The tone this article has is the opposite of what is usually presented in media; there is more of a positive tone towards Buddhist meditation than of the West and how Americans use meditation in their lives.  When reading the article I thought it was rather shocking that there is a different tone in the article than most media coverage.  However, it makes sense that the article was written this way considering that the author is a Buddhist writer and teacher.  Overall, I think this article is pretty good and interesting because it shows how meditation is different for each person (in particular: differences in meditation practices in the West versus the East) and how meditation, whichever kind, is purposeful in everyone’s lives.