Hussein Rashid, “Islam meets reality TV,” Washington Post: On Faith, 11/11/11 (

On Sunday, November 12th, a new reality TV show, All-American Muslim, will air on TLC.  The show is about the lives of American Muslims in Dearborn, MI, where the largest concentration of Arabs in the United States is.  Even though Arabs only make up about 20 percent of the worldwide Muslim population and the American-Muslim population, the show will still exemplify the lives of a particular group of Muslims and the diversity within this group of what it means to be a Muslim.   Here is a video preview of the show.

From the article, it is obvious that the author’s perspective is positive toward the religion Islam and its followers.  In the beginning of the article, the author mentioned that in order for a large number of Americans to learn about Muslims and their daily lives, it has to be through TV since television is such a large component of American’s lives.  The idea of this show is opposite to what we talked about & viewed in class on Friday.  Muslims are usually negatively portrayed in the media (they’re shown as violent in many movies).  This show, however, will have a positive portrayal of American-Muslims.  It will bring up many different opinions and aspects of American-Muslim lives, which will hopefully help American’s past negative images of Muslims.