For my final project, I am going to analyze how Western media portrays meditation and yoga versus Eastern perspective.  Therefore, I will look at different types of sources from each perspective.  I will look at sources from the United States’ news (NY Times, for example) and compare them to articles written by Easterners (Buddhist authors).  From the articles I have read and posted about in my blog so far this fall, here is one Western article I will analyze: NY Times article and here are two Eastern articles: Article by Buddhist teacher & Huffington Post article.  Here are some additional articles I will probably include in my media analysis (Yoga and Your Soul’s Four DesiresNo, I Do Not Owe my Yoga Mat to Vivekenanda).  From the articles I have read so far I have found that Western media focuses on meditation being non-religious and used to clear one’s mind; whereas Eastern perspective emphasizes meditation being a critical aspect of religion.  I will present my project in a power point; analyzing each of the articles from both media perspectives.  If pictures are included in the articles, I am going to include these pictures in the power point to exemplify points of each article.  Once I have completed the power point, it will be uploaded onto Slide Share in order to be presented to others.